A Celebration Story: Amy Hadley

Hi, friends! It’s Monday. A Monday, mind you, that dances very, very close to a lovely and sunny spring day. That truth has us ready to celebrate in our most favorite way: by sharing with you all our project of good cheer that carries with it the intention of infusing the merriment of celebration into this very moment. So put on your party hat, grab a glass of wine (urrr… ok, coffee – if your boss simply isn’t feeling as festive as you want to feel in this place and time) and let’s get to feeling the celebration kind-a glow with our This, I Celebrate podcast.

Today’s celebration story comes from the ever-so-lovely and ever-so-talented (with instant “I want to be her friend” appeal), Amy Hadley. You may know her from her popular home style blog, Hey Now, Whoa Now. Or maybe you know her from her on camera hosting and production work. Or maybe you know her from her insanely adorable  video blogs, like this one, this one, and this one.

However you know her, or if you’re having the pleasure of meeting her for the first time right here and now, I think we can all agree that she brings a creative glow and sense of joy to today’s celebration story – as she shares the sweet, creative, and sometimes quirky intricacies that make for not only a good ol’ time, but for a celebration that is worthy of living on in one’s precious memory.

This is Amy Hadley for This, I Celebrate. Cheers!


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  3. Amy Hadley says:

    This was such a delightful project to be part of! Thanks so much for the invitation.:)

  4. admin says:

    Amy, we are so happy you are a part of it! Thank you!!

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  6. Marc says:

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