Celebration Pom Garland 2.0

You know what we LOVE about being a little creative studio? Ok, the list is too long for this space, but one thing that we LOVE is that we can take feedback from YOU and put it into play right away. You wanted our retired Heirloom Pom Garland to be bigger and more substantial. You also wanted the poms to keep their poof better. Well, friends…. We’ve done it!

We’ve discontinued our beloved fabric pom garlands and updated them to allow for bigger, more poofy, better POMS – resulting in bigger, more poofy, better POM Garlands! How did we do it? We switched out the fabric for crepe/tissue. We upped the pom size from 2″ to 3″, and we replaced the monofilament hanging mechanism with hardy bakers twine.

Thanks for your feedback. Enjoy the new garlands, which are now available in the shop!

4 Responses to “Celebration Pom Garland 2.0”

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